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Providing support and transformational coaching for individuals, couples, organizations, and communities wishing to navigate change with awareness 

 Exploring the Art of Conscious Living   


Extraordinary Transitions specializes in mentoring/coaching individuals, teams, couples, businesses, and organizations wishing to manifest their highest potential, how to embrace a new way of interacting with Life that is more free from unconscious programming and reactivity,… To more consistently come from who and what they really are...the Divine.   We assist those wishing for a cooperative co-creator relationship with Life, to harness their full creativity without any limitations of any kind, to move beyond even consistent value-based responses to change, into a profound Life-influencing State of Being in which life supports you as your greatest ally, rather than as an adversary. 


We mentor those interested in this transformative adventure, how to become non-judgmentally aware of any present-moment reactivity, resistance, or contraction, and learn to harvest that  as a deep, integrated self-transformative personal awareness process.  This shifts our orientation, allowing Creation to then respond as a partner.  We teach skills for productively dealing with change in positive growth-producing ways that lead to greater consistent creativity, and productivity for the individual and groups.  


What is Conscious Living?


We help people and businesses gracefully show up as what and who they are, ...the Divine in human experience, and bring all aspects of their lives more in alignment with their complete uniqueness, without any limitation whatsoever in every moment.  Through various coaching processes, clients find themselves throughout the day more able to notice, without self-condemnation or judgment, any inner reactivity that may arise as a result of subtle belief systems, past trauma, or programming.  This ability to show up, to be present and conscious as observer, is a core level transformational process that results in a profound shift in relationship with Life.  When we become aware of these programs in us, then we are able to determine if they are contributing to our life or whether they are no longer contributing and disssolve them.   Then our life experiences become more open, complete, satisfying, and fulfilling, as Life reveals itself lovingly responding and partnering with us instead of resisting.  Life limitations begin to dissolve automatically as one progresses from "Me, to Who I am", and thru "What I am", to "Presence".


Love spontaneously arises and is internally noticed and honored moment by moment.  Clients find themselves receptive and open to the unlimited opportunities for learning in all aspects of their life. They learn how to effortlessly take responsibility for the creation of any of their life situations…heal them by showing up fully as what they are, quickly transform them, let go, and graduate from them and move on.  They ever-increasingly learn to refine their skills as co-creators, to take responsibility for gracefully, gently, harmoniously partnering in relationship with Life as what and who they uniquely are, bringing the best out in themselves and in others.



Organizational and Societal Transformation 


As the indivicual goes, so goes the family.  As the family so goes the city.  As the city goes, so goes the state.  As the state, so goes the nation.  As the nation goes, so goes the world.Personal transformation precedes societal transformation.  From our vast first hand experience in this unique areana, we show people (who are their organization) how to become gracefully self-aware in every moment (as the uniqueness they are, and collectively as the consciousness of the organziaztion), how to become completely open and skilled in embracing any opportunity, especially the wonderful opportunities hidden inside resistance and negativity, ... how to creatively connect with the life behind these, and show up to and integrate the ever new arising awareness, and explore a new realm of peak performance, all while maintaining alignment with  inner truth, and essence...something that has so often been missing in the business experience. 



We assist you in expressing your innate unique mastery of change and transformation in a cooperative, mutual, creative relationship with Life, in the context of the business realm. 



Explore what it would be like to nurture a culture in your organization that is gracefully self-regulating, consciously creative, and aligned to the essence of who you are as a people and business, by applying value and awareness-based methodologies that do not require high maintenance authority-over systems for enforcement or peak performance.



Support for Individuals


Open to your deepest potential.  Bring Light to the unconscious areas of your life.   Awaken and energize your relationships, and your dreams. We support Individuals and Couples through our coaching program, in person or via telephone.



Support For Spiritual Organizations


Spiritual organizations and communities begin with a beautiful vision of perfection, of Love, of deep harmony and wholeness. They are born out of a powerful, unwavering desire to contribute to the well being of the planet, to serve and assist people in their awakening, to promote healing, Light and comfort. Because an organization is a living entity; it becomes strong, vibrant and magnetic only as it empowers the individuals within it to step beyond theoretical understanding of the "Mission" or "Vision", and take action to truly embody the ideals which it professes to share with the world.


As a new global consciousness emerges, new ways of being in relationship with every aspect of society follow.  We assist individuals, couples, teams, businesses, and spiritual organizations, to lead the way by equipping them with the tools they need to become conscious and present in every moment


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Spiritual life coach/mentor and business owner uses spiritual awareness,and business related practices and techniques for corporate,executive,team,couples,personal guidance and spiritual growth.