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Posted by heidiholliday on May 5, 2010 at 8:11 AM

Whatever we are scared of we attract or stay in. Moving fearward is the way through into freedom. And it is much faster when we do it from “what I am as the divine only.” The challenge is that almost all of us have not been mentored in how to master change. Change is the invitation hidden behind our fear. We haven’t had anyone tell us how to masterfully move through fear to freedom, by being with fear in all its glory, and let it be, without doing anything…just to sit with it and be with it without merging with it… When we can just be (as what we are as the divine), without doing anything, the energies that have come up we feel as emotion (or any other emotion) self-resolve and dissolve, leaving us with a completely different experience and meaning. When we can sit calmly “amidst the crash of breaking worlds” (asYogananda said). Then we see more clearly without the traumatic influence of our past…and the emotion dissolves like the fog before the warm sun.


When we can learn to love our fearful side ( to just be with it, without that becoming another “should”, and merely notice what comes up without reactivity or contraction) then we can know what true victory and freedom really are. We will have graduated beyond "collective consciousness", into our natural, wild, free way of being …free from the compulsive mechanistic responses of our compulsive programming. When we can learn to love even our deepest fears, by being able to be with them non-reactively in the midst of them, and be present and open without moralistic judgments, then we will have the moral courage the Hindus call Virya…the essential virtue to “knowing God”…and we will more consistently express our divinity in daily life. When we have changed how we show up in this way, all of creation will honor that by changing how it shows up to us. We will see we have conquered fear, from the inside, by changing how we respond and orient to it…our relationship with it, and life, is no longer what it used to be. Our presence and awareness become the main influence and causative factor in our co-creation of life.


This doesn’t mean that we are never again reactive or fearful or emotional. It just means that we have learned how to be with what is in us whether it is what normally would be called good or what is normally called bad experiences or situation. Fear does not rule us, it has become our ally in changing ourselves and manifesting our divinity…it has called us to be present as what we are as the divine…we show up in relation to what is the stimulus to our reactivity as what we are instead of coming from a contracted reactive place. When we do that, the feelings and reactivity dissolve in the presence of what we are like the powerful sun evaporates a fog… In it’s presence it can no longer exist…and eventually no thought will ever cause reactivity in us to the extent that we loose our connection with our divinity as all life.            Steve Shires

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