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Towards Creating a Self-Aware Business Model

Posted by heidiholliday on June 18, 2010 at 12:30 PM

Businesses, corporations, organizations…any collection of people united for a common purpose, can become enveloped and limited by their collective unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and ways of relating. In their essence, corporations are entities consisting of people, thoughts, and intentions, come together to bring something into manifestation. This may take the form of a product, a service, a way of relating. Essentially they are there to manifest something and then exchange something for it. Previously, the vast majority of businesses (with a few remarkable exceptions) have focused almost exclusively on the creation of a "product" for money. This focused view has traditionally been the focus of the entire organization. Rarely have businesses seen how they do business, and their presence, as a “product” of their culture also. Essentially, businesses and organizations are creators attempting to apply their knowledge to bring into existence something unique and rare for which others will compensate them. Businesses now are finding that they need to expand their vision and self-awareness to be able to be flexible and adaptable to the challenges they encounter on their journey of creation. There is at this time a great invitation for businesses to become experts in the law of attraction and to focus on their corporate consciousness and how at the root level, it affects their efforts at manifestation. The art of manifestation, and the law of attraction have historically been focused on the impact and behaviors of the individual…not business. There is a great invitation now in business arena to adopt the wholistic methods individuals have discovered, and apply the science of this spirituality to take their business from a survival orientation (even though they may be doing well at that) to thriving without limitation.


The collective unconscious ways of relating hidden within any business culture (The collective consciousness and thoughts of its people) because of their inherent negative orientation creates a "glass ceiling" of limitation through which that business finds itself limited. It has been my experience and observation that anger, shame, blame, depression, and its more subtle forms of discontent, lack of fulfillment, etc. will always arise to be an invisible part of a corporate culture, unless the collective consciousness of the corporation specifically addresses them (through core values and structure) and chooses to become conscious of its collective unconsciousness. The quality of these orientations are subtle determinants of the collective success of any group or individual. These invisible internal saboteurs are always at odds with the careful conscious intentions and goals. Like a chariot where 5 horses are pulling in one direction, there usually are these 5 others pulling equally hard in the other direction. Result is zero movement. They are the polar opposite of the positive orientation needed for the manifestation of breakthroughs thoughts for transformational success because they are subtly negating the organization’s energies, goals, and intentions to manifest.


How a corporation chooses to address the challenge of becoming conscious of its own limitations through being an observer of itself determines it’s ultimate success in the marketplace. And this impartial noticing also allows it to see how it is or is not a valuable contributor to humanity and the planet…something that is increasingly becoming an important factor to the consumer and the success of those applying the law of attraction. The recent financial market meltdown, and the British Petroleum events have revealed to us that it is no longer enough to focus solely on the product creation, and the bottom line, but is increasingly important to focus on how, as an entity like any other being, the corporation in reality is actually contributing to the creation of a better social, spiritual, physical, AND business environment. These relational energy invitations contribute to a shift in orientation of business (or the individual) into an alliance WITH life itself who then responds in like vibrational manner through quiet, unforeseen, beneficial circumstances and events, and they guarantee long term survival and success.


We assist corporations to become self-aware in all aspects of their being. We help them develop the skills and processes to automatically observe their invisible unconscious behaviors and belief systems. These are often the determining factors that contribute to “glass ceilings” of all kinds. They are the valves of the corporation’s hidden vatic power of creativity, which are turned on and off energetically automatically. How to use that consciously? These then are treated as valuable expressions of that business’ collective consciousness. “Do these align with our core values?” reveals limiting beliefs and practices as they truly are, which often remains hidden. We look at these as indicators and expressions of the corporation’s internal integrity and energetic alignment. Creative powers are limited by these “corporate blind spots” or unleashed by “alignment”.  


Steve Shires  Copyright (c) 2010

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