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The "Being What I Am" Process

Using Life Affirming Statements “What I Am Only...”

"The Process for Clearing Programs That Limit Us" that is outlined on this website, focuses on the dynamic interaction of your speech, body, spirit, and mind, and your Presence, with Life, and how you may use the hidden divine power there to alter your consciousness, and as a result, your relation with Life itself.  Life in return will alter its relationship with you when you learn this process of taking responsibility for maintaining your uniqueness…(free from being run by limiting programs and other forms of personal reactivity).  This is how you can manifest your divinity... one moment of being present to what is after another.

One of the key phrases you may say is, "It's my choice to be uniquely what I am, ...nothing else."  or  when choosing to be present with reactivity and programs or emotions that are temporarily eclipsing the divinity we are we say, "What I am in relation to (blank)" (see process section below).   Where "What I am" (relates to what I am as the Divine) and where (blank) is the unique reactivity you may be experiencing in that moment to some event or related thought about an event or thought.  Usually it is some kind of emotional reaction, because some need was or wasn't met for us in whatever happened.  These automatic energetic responses within our bodies are a form of "program".  They run automatically and to some degree take over and influence us to participate in life in a more limited way than we would if we were only what we are, free from our reactivity.  These reactivities are often programmed responses to past traumas.  These may be childhood decisions we made when overwhelmed that still play on in adult scenarios, or they may be inherited through our family lines, interactions, in our DNA, or the collective unconscious of humanity and life.  These reactivities also may be programmed responses that are more universal in their inception and almost conscious in their intent to keep us limited and disconnected to our Largeness.  In one sense they are there to force us to step up to the invitation to take responsibility for where we haven't been what we are and graduate to a higher level of being...  In my estimation, this is the true sacred invitation of challenges and adversity and yes even evil.  Like the caterpillar struggling to extricate itself from the cocoon, we struggle with our invisible limitations to re express our divinity by showing up and being present.  The opportunity available to us when we maintain a positive exploratory orientation and say these phrases out loud, is to invite ourselves to experience the truth of what is behind these words...to experience life in that moment in relation to the event, pristine and free from programs...as what we are as the divine spark we are.  We are not willfully trying to create anything…just open gracefully as what we are naturally, and let that re-emerge in its unaltered, uninfluenced way. 

When we make these statements, it is important to say them aloud.  The unconscious and subconscious parts of us need the physical vibration of speech to accept it as true.  They do this automatically.  The physical body too responds to the truth in these statements, and automatically undergoes an energetic transformation of acceptance and adoption of the state of truth these indicate.  This is why it is so important that our speech reflect the highest truth we can access... what we are as the divine ends up shaping, through attraction, our experience of reality whether we are aware of it or not.  

When I say “What I am only”, it is to again re-manifest in this moment. What I am as a unique expression of the divine, … to reconnect with that, free from any filtering through traumatic reactivity, programming influence of family, society, or DNA.  This is done gracefully without effort, merely by reinvoking or reminding all parts of me into Unity, free of reactivity, where this is. When I say “What I am only”, I am inviting the largest experience of connecting effortlessly with the essence of what I am as the Divine to come to the fore without effort.  We are invoking or inviting ourselves to experience the truth of these statements.  Simultaneously we are taking responsibility for where we have contracted (due to reactivity of past trauma) and are not showing up to life as what we are…the spark of the Divine.  We are not trying to create so experience in a willful way, or have some mind based result; we are merely inviting all of what we are to again come to the fore and manifest. 

These are particularly powerful tools when we notice we are experiencing emotional responses in our body and mind and have contracted down from our larger peaceful state.  When we make these statements in relation to where we have contracted, the reactivity and programs diminish, like a mist before the warmth of the Sun. The mind will try to figure these statements out…how they work…what do they mean… saying things like “this doesn’t make sense”, “this is mind control”, etc.  Just let it be with its unclarity as you continue to hold a space for the experience to unfold.  This is just the loyal programming of mind dominance trying to keep you safe.  Stay in the feeling mode… it is a much larger invitation.  If you persist in using them as a focal point of your awareness, while staying in the place of feeling, and not merging with any challenging feelings or pains that may come up as they are leaving and dissolving, you will feel a shift in your consciousness and in your body. 

Another way of using our innate divine co-creator principle is to say certain words out loud and just feel the resultant changes that occur and their impact on us.  Making statement like “fear” and then feeling the change, followed by a stopping statement, “That’s enough”, and then followed by saying something like "peace”, gives direct personal insight to our divine capacity to apply our divinity in unique and powerful ways for our growth and evolution.  When entered into from a spirit of discovery and exploration, this also impresses in us the value of always being microscopically truthful in our speech and self-talk.  As you notice these without any moralistic judgments the loving acceptance that that is, is   enough to create a shift without “doing” anything.  Noticing lovingly allows this to happen automatically.  Experiment with this.  

The application of this principle is outlined in the “Process for Clearing Programs That Limit Us” below.  With this process, deep seated personal karmic impulses, family programming, and collective unconscious, is diminished and dissolved, allowing an opening to new levels of uniqueness and expression, that influences the world and society at large, without any limitation whatsoever...just by being what you are, and being present uniquely as you.

What I am (the Divine in this unique human experience)  is so much larger than Who I am (personality, role I play in life, unque separate interaction.)

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What I Am Process - Very Brief Outline of The Steps:

 When powerful emotions come up like: worry, agitation, anger, resentment, …..Or when more subtle emotions come up like disappointment, moods, shutting down, frustration, withdrawing,  etc., you are being influenced by programs or systems to show up as less than what you really are.  You can use the process below to instantly shift your awareness back to what you truly are, free of these.  When programs come up (usually as some emotional response in the body), it is a positive invitation and opportunity to graduate from them into the larger opportunity of what you are as the Divine. 

  1. Notice that there is an emotion/feeling in your body…that your body energy is being affected by something. 
  2. Locate where it is in your body.  If you have a difficult time connecting with it, ask out loud: “Those places where I feel the emotion in my body.” 
  3. Now say out loud, “What I am as the Divine in relation to this “emotion”,
  4. Go inside of it (the energy or system) all the way as what you are (as the Divine). Say out loud, “As what I am (the Divine), inside of this”.
  5. Further create a positive orientation toward what is.  Say out loud, “Yay! I get to graduate”
  6. Are there any other instances of this?  Feel any other instances of this. 
  7. Open inside of them.  Come inside them completely, as what you are, without merging
  8. Go into the origins of it or them. 
  9. Be with them and allow them all to dissolve. 
  10. Say out loud:  “Thank you for dissolving.  I really appreciate it.”
  11. Let everything finish and reorganize so you can graduate from this completely. 
  12. Some Key Points:

a.      Notice if you are getting fuzzy, dull, or restless, or sleepy. Notice if you drift or start thinking with mind wandering. Notice if you are merging just say out loud “Inside all of these, as what I am only”.  Or, “It’s my choice to go inside of this 1000%, now.”  Or, “It’s my choice to be uniquely what I am, now!”, or “It’s my choice to go all the way into this”.  (see below Focusing Statements for more examples)

b.      Signs that the energy is leaving: When the mind wanders or feelings begin to intensify, or you may get restless or sleepy, or go to the future, when I get angry, judgmental, or cry, these are tell-tale signs that things are shifting.

c.       When meeting resistance, you can let it go, say out loud, “It’s my choice to let this go!” 

 Download an MP3 audio version of this process here

Focusing Statements:  When you feel fuzzy or the presence of a program, say out loud:


  1. It's my choice (IMC) to go inside this completely.
  2. IMC to go inside of this 1000 %.
  3. IMC …to be inside of everything in detail all the way to the origins
  4. IMC to be inside of what I am experiencing here completely
  5. IMC to feel this completely
  6. Instead of trying to be a good boy/girl, I can just be what I am. 
  7. All he layers of this all the way to the origins
  8. …to feel inside this 1000%.
  9. I want to feel all the places where I am unwilling to let go of the fears of letting go.


A recording of a more complete description of the process is available from SteveShires@ExtraordinaryTransitions.com.


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