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Death: The Big Transition

These recordings and documents (links below) are to assist individuals who have reached the end of physical life, and who are wanting to consciously make the transition to the new way of relating beyond physical life, into a new expression of life that is death, more free of limitations of any kind. This is the evolutionary opportunity inherent in the death process.


Additionally, the recordings and documents presented here, are for the edification of loved ones being left behind.  Played during the approach of and final stages of the process, the information in them can ease the mind’s uncertainty about what death is, and what their loved one may be going through during Life’s process of retiring from the body. Even though we may not be the ones taking this final journey, how we orient to this radical change can play a huge role in the quality of our loved one's ability to transition.  How we choose to relate, can give them permission, and freedom, releasing them from lagging concerns and hesitations about our continued welfare as they journey into the unknown.  While there is personal grief for us at the change, our ability to lovingly, and with appreciation, move into wishing them well, and let them freely go on their new adventure, can not only support and release them from sadness and hesitation to embrace and explore the adventure ahead, but also be a final wonderful bon-voyage gift of love and freedom to them. 

These resources are based on my many experiences as a monk for 31 years in meditation, and many ancient and contemporary sources. My approach is not religious, but spiritual…about the divine in each of us.  My interest is in enhancing the quality of the journey each of us has chosen to walk in exploring the wonder of Life.  Our death  journey, as our life journey, is absolutely unique.  There are however, fundamental similarities experienced by all of us in each.  It is my wish to assist each soul to connect a little more deeply with the Life in them whose process life is, in every moment, and be consciously present to the unlimited opportunities life is constantly inviting them to in every moment…to relate uniquely as what they are as the spark of the divine…free of mind, expectations, programs, and belief systems, no matter where they are, or what they are experiencing.

 Steve Shires


 The Natural Process of Death (print document download link here).

Download unedited Audio Recordings here for playing for family and dying patient:

Death preparation - to play for family and patient; re The process of dying

  Play for patient as death progresses... A guide through the transition

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