Extraordinary Transitions

Transformational Support, Skills, and Processes

Core Values

Divinity - What if we are all divine?  What if at our core, we are really God in manifestation with all of his/her capacities and we are just used to, and influenced by programs to show up as less?  What if you opened to, and lived that truth?  How would you live differently?  What would that look like in your life, in your relationship with Life, in others, in your relationship with the planet, also as a manifestation of the divine?  How would you then honor the truth in hidden in dissent, and discomfort?  How would you orient your life as what you are as the divine?  What are the possibilities...is there any limit to them?  Would spontaneity, grace, magic, love, and low maintenance be part of that orientation?  What might it feel like to be uniquely what you are as the divine?

Love - What if we chose to operate from the place where we orient our life from a certain quality of interaction arising spontaneously out of our being increasingly connected with what we are as the divine?  What might that look like?  What if that orientation spontaneously attracted opportunities and possibilities that contributed to assisting us, and everyone else to be more completely what they are as the divine, and which created connections, and ways of relating, that have no limitations whatsoever, what opportunities might that open in your life?   

Sacred Unity in Action - What if all is One...the connected oneness of life in expression on all levels?  What if I choose to live my life in a way where your needs are just as important as my needs…not more and not less?  What would life look like for us then?  What would it feel like?  What might my relationship with life be like then?  Am I willing to live without incessant battle, struggle, and conflict?  Am I willing to consider giving up my belief that life is separated and about survival?  Am I willing to live life in peace, harmony, mutuality, cooperation, ease and grace, where I don't have to struggle to get the quality of life experience I long for?   What if Life in me is the life in you...in everything animate and inanimate, from stones to stars and sages?  How would my life be different?  Would I like to explore that?  What if every time I noticed that I was relating as less than what I am as that sacred unity, I would take action to bring myself back to being uniquely what I am as the divine?  Might creation respond then as my ally because it’s purpose might have been be fulfilled…to always direct me back to relating as what I am as the divine instead of as anything less?

Integrity – What if living in alignment with your inner truth, the life in you, is the missing link to you accessing and manifesting your greatest power and dreams?  What if having the courage to face "fearward,” and just stand present, and be (not do) with what is scary or uncomfortable for you, and face it, without having to do anything, but be you, face to face with your fear, is the key to you manifesting your life as what you are as the divine, with no limitations whatsoever?  Are you willing to learn how to do that? 

Presence – Portal to the Infinite… Present moment - What if this moment is the portal to the infinite if you could just open to it as what you are as the divine?  What if you could show up to whatever in you gets in the way of that perception in the moment, and dissolve it by being uniquely what you are?  What if we were to operate from non-resistance to what is?  What if we were to graduate from the survival mind orientation and into the orientation of being uniquely what we are as the divine?  What might be possible then?  What if we held the perspective that any one perspective is a limitation of choice and a contraction down from being uniquely what I am?  What if we are able to hold to the truth of several opposite perspectives simultaneously…equally?  What if we hold to the possibility that what is, is perfect, rather than automatically and unconsciously going to conclusions, disappointment, and other negative emotional responses?  What if, through graciously manifesting for us what is, life, our ally and our Self, is consciously and divinely responding to unconscious needs around our growth and evolution, and is bringing us a gift of opportunity of awareness, growth, and graduation, that we couldn't perceive any other way than through the lens of disappointment and frustration?  What if disappointment was a greater gift than getting what you want?  Are you ready to receive that?  What if just noticing, and being aware of what responses arise in us in every moment, as non-judgmentally as possible, we connect with our role as author of our local universe, and is the key to removing any glass ceiling limitation we have previously experienced?  What if, by holding to our divine creative response ability to take positive action when we notice that we are not enjoying an experience, we are then able to spontaneously, and effortlessly, refine our orientation and our manifestations...and thereby change our reality inside and outside?  What if the power of our presence is one of our most miraculous powers, and something that we have kept hidden?  What if what we call reality in all of its myriad manifestations, is really only an external expression and manifestation of the quality of our internal integrity and capacity to be as what we are as the divine in this moment?  What if living this, by holding it as an orientation, is a truth of us, and a key to our manifesting our life purpose, and living and releasing our bliss?  What if, also through attention to the body's emotional state moment by moment, we are able to connect with our infinite capacity, to feel our alignment, or lack of alignment, with as what we are as the divine, and then immediately, we are able to take action to redirect our awareness, energy, and orientation back to what we are as the divine in the moment. What if our body's sensations and emotions are divine feedback for us ask indicators to use to guide us to take action and go back to full expression of our divinity?

Open Questions - What if conclusions are really limitations and limitations of choice not necessarily true or enhancing to our connection with Life?  What if asking questions and remaining open to receive, and suspending judgment, is really a core principle to tapping our divine creative capacity?  What if this kind of use of the mind opens opportunity for us to freedom to choose anything instead of closing down opportunities and choice?  What if you are really free, not just to choose what you have been programmed to choose, but you can always be in a place where you can choose whatever you wish to choose, because you have no reactivity or programming around any choices such as right, wrong, good, bad?  What would it feel like to orient from beyond right and wrong, good and bad...core unconscious concepts and choose based on inspiration and connection with the truth in you?  What would your life be like beyond these glass ceilings of limitation?  What if relating and orienting determines and births everything else in our lives according to their quality (thoughts, abundance, relationships, magic, wonder, joy, bliss)?  What if Life is loyal only to the divine in us and outside of us, and eager to give us reality in harmony with the vibration we send out?  What if we are in intimate relationship with life to the degree allowed by the trueness of the orientation we choose as ally, lover, policeman, banker, pauper, parent, or divine?  So, if we continue to relate as a mind orientation, (or any other fearful survival orientation), can we expect more manifestation of struggle and effort and disappointment, because what we are is divine at our core?  Doesn’t this prove our divine ability to divinely manifest unconsciously and indirectly through Life itself, even when we are not conscious of our capacity to do so?  What if Life (we, in oneness) manifests “reality” in like vibration based on the quality of how we choose to relate moment by moment?  What if we choose to consistently relate as what we are as the divine (or bring ourselves back to that when we notice we aren’t), are there no limitations as to what is possible when we let go of anything else that compromises or limits our relating as that?   What does it feel like to be radiant and oriented as what you are in the moment?  How do others experience you when you are being uniquely what you are and nothing else?  How do they experience themselves?

Discovery – of the Life behind… emotions, fear, joy, change.   What if every challenge is an opportunity for us to grow and graduate?  What if we orient as what we are, what would that feel like.  How would we face the unknown in the moment?  Would we courageously move fearward, and embrace the discomfort of change to be able step through the portal of the moment into the vast invitation and gift of transformation it offers?   Open Honest Communication - Look for the gold hidden in each point of view, each emotion, each reaction, and each resistance.  What if each experience is an intimate romance with the life in you as you encounter it unfolding as you? What if our life is about exploration and discovery of new ways of being in and with Life as what you are as the divine?  What if this apparent process of “evolution of the evolved,” unfolded like a flower using time, one petal at time, always subtly emphasizing our orientation as what we are, to increasingly allow our being to free and effortless flow in harmony with Life’s evolutionary opportunities as life brings them to us with perfect timing, how many jewels await discovery in this intimate divine romance?

Play and Celebration – What if the play state is the greatest learning process?  Is this something that you have experienced?  What if in being present to life’s little disappointments we responded by saying out loud, “Yeah! I get to grow and graduate into my uniqueness with Life without any limitations whatsoever”?  What would that do to the quality of my life in relation to the unexpected?  What if the purpose of life is Joy, love, ease and grace, how can that find free expression in my life as what I am as the divine?  When do I go to appreciation, gratitude?   What if when I am in celebration of discovering something beyond my mind orientation as what I am gratitude spontaneously arises as opportunities and possibilities cluster around me and give me even more to be grateful for?

Profitability – What if we are compensated for our contributions to mankind and out of appreciation by others and not out of self-worth, but openness to being uniquely what I am as the divine without any limitations whatsoever?  What if money is energy which creates more energy guided by the other values?  What if my interaction with money and abundance as what I am, allows greater scope of activity, contribution, and impact with humanity and life?


Key Differentiations in Extraordinary Transitions

The key differentiations listed below address the unique ways we are dedicated to showing up in any moment.  We have seen that these behaviors and mindsets contribute to life in positive cooperative graceful conscious ways that open new opportunities for Life to express around and through us.  These ways of partnering with Life clearly differ from many of the established ways of relating that are prevalent on the planet right now.  In our estimation these are the detailed  foundations for true harmonious lasting success.   These relate with equal importance and effectiveness when interacting with individuals, organizations, governments, plants, animals, and planets. 


Heart-centered communications.  We all crave intimacy.  We may be fearful of how it shows up at times because of past traumas, but we all crave deep intimate heart connection.  Intimacy in communication takes place when we get to the level of sharing our feelings and needs.  There is vulnerability and the possibility of rejection, etc. in this level of communication, so most people avoid it. Communication that isn’t intimate, that remains on the 3 lower levels of communications (sharing greetings, facts, opinions) aren’t very satisfying, and each successively risks more vulnerability by exposing what we are feeling and needing.

Some of the ways we are committed to showing up with others that are different and unusual and invite all of us to partake of life with a certain quality of connection that is based on respect for all our needs being met are listed below:

Life connecting, and life serving, vs life-alienated thinking and behavior.  We are committed to processes which strive for a quality of connection where everyone’s needs can get met, and to doing this in a way that contributes to making everyone’s life more wonderful by striving to always be connected with what we are in the largest sense, without any limitation, that allows and encourages others to be more connected with what they are without any limitation.  We differentiate between feelings, observations, and intellectual evaluations, and moralistic judgments of right and wrong. Our attention is on observations, feelings, needs and requests.  We are aimed toward connecting and meeting needs in me and in others simultaneously.  I honestly express myself and empathically connect with others in a spirit of play and discovery.  We renounce moralistic judgments and evaluations of others and life situations.  We avoid labeling others as good or bad and renounce blaming, shaming, rewarding and controlling to get what I want.

Paradigm shift from relinquishing our autonomy to an outward based authority, into taking full responsibility for our life and everything that happens in and around us.  This shift comes from honoring each of us and our uniqueness and opportunity for contribution to life, rather than suppressing what we are to fit in and be loved/accepted (which really end up being accepted as less than what we truly are). When we are in integrity with what we are in the largest sense (as the divine), we honor the unique expression we are, and we are in relationship with life in a magical way that maintains unlimited opportunities for expression.


Issues relating to our dedication to getting everybody’s needs met:

Outcome based activity, vs being in a process of discovery and loving connection.  We search for the life in and as the individual in this present moment by exploring observations, feelings, needs, and requests.


Power-over, vs Power-with systems.  Out of a willingness and need to contribute to life vs punishment and reward.   Power might be defined as the capacity to mobilize resources to meet needs.  This points out the importance of making present moment requests as a means of mobilizing resources. The choice here is how we use our power…Over others and life, or with others and life.  Over, comes from right/wrong thinking and authoritarian position of thinking “I know better”, or “I am the authority”.  


Difference between getting people to do things because the actions serve the life in them and others, vs getting people to take action out of fear of punishment or reward.  This goes to the heart of the thought that people are basically evil and need to be controlled – language system supports that concept: should, must, have to, can’t, ought to, right, wrong. 

Difference between getting people to do what you want vs getting people to do what you want for the reasons you want them to do it – so you won’t be sorry for it later.  The reasons for which they do it is just as important as them doing it. Addressing what is alive in them that keeps them presently from doing what you want.

Difference between getting people to do what you want to get your needs fulfilled, and coming from a place where the other person’s needs are just as important as your needs (not more important, and not less). This truly defines win-win, self-connection, and dogging for your needs, while acknowledging the truth that life is one continuum of loving connection.  This is not the concept of life as a warring process of everyone fighting for finite pieces of pie, and where someone’s gain is another’s loss.  This is true brotherhood of man in action.  The challenge comes in learning to identify what those needs are through connecting with, and communicating feelings, and making clear present requests around those feelings.  This often takes time, and is initially an uncomfortable process of change.  There initially can be great unclarity and uneasiness when the parties go through this transition and re-learning how to connect with and honoring the life inside us process. 

Empathy vs Sympathy: The focus of attention is on the other person in empathy.  Connecting with what is alive in the other person.  What the life in them is feeling and needing.  Not about trying to fix or doing anything other than being fully present with the other person.  In Sympathy the focus of attention is on me and how I resonate and relate with their experience.  I may be listening from the head in a reactive state because what they are saying triggers my traumas in some way and that can keep me disconnected from the life in them.  I have found that if I can’t imagine what the other person is feeling and needing, then I am in reaction, and need to give my self empathy-first aid for what is going on in me, otherwise I will just spread my unconscious reactivity and not be present with the full Presence and awareness that is the magically healing opportunity.  If I have done my own work and taken responsibility for my feelings, then I can view feelings and emotions as portals to presence, wonderful opportunities for learning about myself, and I am less reactive and more open to the wondrous opportunity in interaction that life invites us to through the medium of discomfort and the soul’s language in emotion. I heal myself as I allow them to be with their present feelings and needs fully, as long as they need to be.  They are in charge, as I alertly am present as what I am only in support of their growth process. 

Intellectual understanding vs empathy.  Diagnosis does not communicate loving understanding or being understood at all. You have all you need to make an empathic connection right now – your loving space.  Trying to connect with what is alive in them now, not in the past, but at this moment.  I ask questions of them to see if I am really in fact connected with them accurately.  Not to lead them in the direction I think they need to go to “become whole” in my evaluation.  That mentality and approach is playing God (I know better) rather than being open and exploring what is alive in us.


Internal Self-Discovery processes:

Difference between making moralistic judgments and life-serving judgments – not no judgments at all.  The issue of societal programming to relinquish personal responsibility to something outside of yourself – outside of your heart connection – your true needs.  Based on the unexamined concept that something or someone outside of you can be responsible for your life decisions.  This goes to not fully being in the present moment, and always reaching for conditions to become “right” before “perfection” can enter our lives.  When we are in the mind, we tend to look at the past and our past pains and reach to the future to prevent those pains from reoccurring. We end up leap-frogging the present in such processing and bypass it…the only place where life takes place.  We ignore the body which is present and thought triggered and where emotions take place in the now.  Look to the body for the true feedback.  The body doesn’t lie.  Embrace discomfort and mining it for the life-alignment messages lessons is key.

The motive is to connect in a way that is most loving and contributes to serving life in all parties.


Responsibility for…, as opposed to responsibility to…. I am responsible for my thoughts, my actions, and my reactions.  I cannot be responsible for how another person reacts and feels, and how another person behaves.  Ignoring these differentiations is a sure way to make certain there is emotional pollution. I can not be responsible for those things over which I have no control.  Therefore, I can’t be responsible for other people’s actions.  If I don’t have this understanding I am going to contribute to the violence by blurring boundaries when I try to control something over which I have no control.. I will continue to mistake my happiness and integrity with something outside myself.  Additionally, I end up not being in integrity with what I am by trying to be something I cannot really ever be…I end up giving myself away to be loved or accepted.  Then I have lost everything important.

I am not responsible for my family’s actions.  I am responsible for how I might have contributed to being a stimulus for those reactions.  My intention, what I said, and how I said it.  But how the other person takes it is ultimately up to them.  I am dedicated to honoring and respecting the uniqueness and sensitivities of each person, and will do my best to be gentle, cooperative, mutual and respectful, out of integrity with what I am…but the results of this are out of my hands.

Difference between strategies and needs.  We often think something is a need, but unless we have connected with what we are really feeling first, we may only be identifying one possible strategy and miss the real need behind the feeling. We may be addressing something incomplete – “solving the wrong problem”. Strategies not developed out of a connection with the feelings and needs may not address true needs.  most of the time, my suffering had little to do with my needs not being met, it had to do with me making requests from addiction – thinking…that I thought I had to have this person do a certain thing.  True needs are not specific to anyone or any thing.  They can also arise from the habit of reactively jumping in an “fixing” something rather than just being with it and letting it resolve itself by sitting with it.  Difference between strategies of connecting with the Life in us in the Present moment in us, vs digging into (fixing/something is broken) needing to know “why” to create a more “safe” future (Understanding past pain and looking to the future to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself).  So many things are better off if we just hold them lovingly rather than approaching them as problems needing fixing.  This points out the Difference between connection at a heart level (feeling and exploration of life) rather than logical rational/cognitive thought “figuring it out” (safety/mind survival identification):


Shift vs Compromise.  Shift is attention on needs and a solution that satisfies both, vs attention on strategies which may not value each person’s needs, and a solution where everyone gives up something, and only a part of each parties’ needs are met.  Settling for Or solutions, versus And solutions.  Exploring the magic that comes out of connecting at the heart level vs getting what I think I want.


Some others are:

·   Natural vs. Habitual

·   Protective vs. Punitive use of force

·   Interdependence vs. Dependence

·   Self discipline vs. Obedience

·   Respect for Authority vs. Fear of Authority

·   Vulnerability vs. Weakness

·   Observation vs. Observation mixed with evaluation

·   Stimulus vs. Cause

·   Love as  a Need vs. Love as a Feeling

·   Requests vs. Demands

·   Appreciation vs. Praise

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