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Free Recordings/Links: 


 Rachael Fiori Radio Show links With Steve as guest:


How Resisting "What is," Manifests Lack In Your Life  44min.

Could Thinking Actually Be Harmful? - Find Out With Special Guest Steve Shires 46min

The Real Reason Why You Don't Have What You Want  30min

How to Play With The Divine to Create Magic in Your Life  43min 

Why Positive Affirmations Don't Always Work   41min 

The Main Causes of Stress and How To Alleviate Them  46min 

Could You Be Pissing On the Present Moment and Sabotaging Your Life? 44

The Gift of Emotions - What They Mean When You Feel Them  41min 



"The Process" for Clearing Programs That Limit Us (mp3)

When you get the sense that you are being controlled (pain, worry, emotions, feelings are arising in you) or that something is limiting you to being less than what you really are, you can use the audio recording which will guide you through the process and shift and eliminate the structures and programs that are actively influencing you. This process is a detailed method of eliminating these karmic influences forever.  (See Transformative Processes page for a text version)

Free MP3 Processes audio download 



Guided Meditations (mp3)

This is a link to several guided meditations for you to enjoy recorded by Danielle Dorsey.  They are: 

  • Visualization and Awareness Inside the Body
  • Meta Meditation for Loving Kindness
  • Violet Flame
  • Breathing Meditation
  • Inside the Body 

Free MP3 Guided Meditations Link here  




We also offer workshops, individual coaching, team coaching, present-moment awareness practices, and spiritual and emotional awareness skills.

  Coaching Rates

Steve's in person rate $90/hr. plus expenses.

Phone rate  $75/hr (sliding scale available for those needing assistance)

  Introduction Package to "The Process" 

Steve has found that it takes some time to re-learn "the Process," and to begin to graduate from the ordinary human mind orientation reliably.  For most just learning it takes about 10 hours of one on one coaching with Steve to experience it to the point of forming the orientation of "as what you are" as the Divine, and familiarizing yourself with the concepts and activities.  This package price is for those beginning this process.  $650 for 10/hours on the phone.  Again we have a sliding scale available for those needing assistance. 

 Weekly and Monthly As-Needed Package rates available on request

 Call for seminars and team and group rates.

Call for special needs 

Call 760.270.7383. 

In the sessions we build new awareness skills by playing, and exploring some of the infinite possibilities and opportunities available when we orient as what we are as the divine.  If you are tired of compromising your life, and ready to be responsible for its quality, and want to know how to do that, please join us.  This series will present to you a radically simple, miraculously effective, and practical paradigm shift for relating with Life.  "The Process", for most of us, is a re-learning of forgotten divine skills.  It is best experienced intensely while it is fresh to re-establish this ancient awareness in you (hence the weekly classes).  It is based on us re-learning (really old) skills to which we all have access every moment, but have forgotten how to use.  These enable us to be in charge of our life experience and make it what we would like.  If you come, I suggest that you plan on attending all of the sessions...the skills from one will be progressively added to the next as the group evolves in awareness. 


Many of us have been inspired to seek direct connection with the Divine and been practicing various meditation, processes, and techniques for years.  I myself, have spent over 30 years as a celibate monk in this quest.  In spite of all our good intentions and dedicated efforts, many of us still find ourselves under an invisible glass ceiling.  Often we seem unable to progress further in ways that fundamentally transformative enough to manifest the quality of life experience we really want.  I’ve seen far too many people run up against the same invisible obstacles again and again, and lose heart as they try to transform their lives.  What is needed is to relate in a fundamentally different way.  How can we shift our orientation with Life so we create a consistently wonderful experience?


After a lifetime of searching and exploring many different systems, I have found a revolutionary different way of orienting that offers a more intimate, meaningful, moment by moment relationship with Life/Nature/God than most.  To share this process with others is why I created these courses and coaching opportunities...they work in marvelous ways, like no other spiritual system, I have encountered in my many years of exploration.  


Committing to taking action to transform yourself is the first step. Following through consistently in your practice is your vibratory commitment to Life, which invites the shift to an extraordinary orientation. Our old inherited ways of relating are so established that for someone initially learning these new ways, they rapidly again assert themselves, and we forget what we learned...so powerful are unconscious habits.  Without consistent growth and development in awareness of the new ways of relating many often slip back into unconsciousness.  This is why it is valuable to have someone mentor us they don't have the same blind spots as we.


We don't know what we don't know.  We don't often see in ourselves what subtly influences us.  A fish in water doesn't know it is wet.  We don't see the invisible programs that keep us playing as less than the divine we are.  So I’ve created powerful step-by-step programs and processes, as well as One on One coaching support, to help you transform in the specific ways that are truly going to give you breakthroughs in awareness, and quickly re-connect you to your divine capabilities.   I offer my support in the beginning to assist your transition in this new adventure into greater expression of your divinity with the intention that I become obsolete.  Dependence upon the teacher serves neither the teacher or the student.


I created these opportunities for those of you dedicated to truly shifting your relationship with life.  I want to present these to everyone who yearns for this quality of freedom for themselves...for it is this way, one person at a time expressing and living as the divinity they are a little more, that we experience Utopia. 


It's my honor to assist you.



 The Natural Process of Death. (document)

A Hospice guide for family and those going through the death process.  Details on how to support and the steps involved. 

 Free Document download link here



 We specialize in assisting in the growth and unfolding of conscious individuals, couples, teams organizations, and corporations.  In that aware present-moment state, performance is extraordinary and has the greatest creative potential, and quality of interaction and contribution to Life that evokes undreamed-of magical results.

The development of self-awareness and non-attachment (not non-caring), leads to a new sense of freedom, and a rootedness in individual and organizational peacefulness and harmony.  This integrated state is the foundation required to be an agent for true positive change.  Inspired and lasting change always comes from clarity and inspiration within…whether it be individual, corporate or global…  It comes out of a fullness and wholeness…connectedness of the whole with all that is around it.   If our state is not rooted in this integration, there is always some element of fear, and any activity born from this will not have as deep and lasting an impact. 


We help those wishing to become more aware and conscious of ways to harness their creativity and consistently respond productively to change.  We mentor skills that assist them to more consciously become aware of any reactivity, resistance, or contraction and harvest the discomfort of that into a deep integrated awareness.  We teach skills for productively dealing with change and handling it in positive growth-producing transformative ways.  Personal transformation preceeds societal transformation.  We show people and organizations how to become gracefully self-aware in every moment, to embrace any arising resistance and negativity, and connect with the life behind it,  and integrate that new awareness, and through that to enter into effortless peak performance all while maintaining alignment with their inner truth and values.


Explore what it would be like to nurture a culture in your organization that is gracefully self-regulating, consciously creative and aligned to the essence of who you are by applying value-based, awareness-based methodologies that do not require authority over systems of enforcement.

Other Services


ET also supports your emergence into society with a number of services, the most important of which is aligning you or your organizations with your core values.  If one's personal and public "persona" or image are in sync, rooted seamlessly in their core values, an effortless magnetism is created that irresistably attracts the people, clients, and opportunities that are meant to come.  Specifically, we help shape that image from the inside out.  Once shaped, we can give it form and recognitition through our editorial, marketing and publicity skills. 

We also support those who can benefit from the creation and distribution of their message via multi-media through assisting them in creation of high quality Audio/Video programs.  (See Multi-Media Services sidebar.) 


Lectures available on these and other topics: 

Living Love in Daily Life

Secrets to Being What We Are Without Limitation

Secrets to Being Present At All Times

Being a World Leader From Within

Creating a Conscious Corporation

Tapping the Collective Passion of Teams

Processes of  Integrating Dissent

Exploring the Opportunities of Presence

The Opportunities of the Collective Unconscious In Us

Keys to Consistently Espressing Our Divinity

Mastering Change Forever

The Gifts of Being with What Is

Living in Integrity Always

Mining the Hidden Gold in Discomfort

Fundamental Tranformative Healing Processes

Expressing Our Uniqueness in Group Dynamics

How To Be Present With Others Without Giving Yourself Away

Making Relationships Sacred Socially and At Home

Secrets to Fundamentally Transforming Your Life

Partnering with Life As an Ally

Graduating from Reactivity into Uniqueness



For Groups:  Synergy Meeting Tool:  Description,  Mediation

Systematic process for organizational discovery

           .  Vision

           .  Core Values

           .  Systems consistently aligned with Vision/Core Values                   


Compassionate Communications Processes

The "Star":  Solution-oriented Method used for creating awareness in conflict

Empathetic Listening 

Emotional Freedom Technique

Expressive Arts: Allowing the Higher Self to guide the  Journey of Self-Awareness

Instruction in Various Methods of Meditation


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