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 Many of us have been inspired to seek direct connection with the Divine and been practicing various meditation, processes, and techniques for years.  I myself, have spent over 30 years as a celibate monk in this quest.  In spite of all our good intentions and dedicated efforts, many of us still find ourselves under an invisible glass ceiling.  Often we seem unable to progress further in ways that fundamentally transformative enough to manifest the quality of life experience we really want.  I’ve seen far too many people run up against the same invisible obstacles again and again, and lose heart as they try to transform their lives.  What is needed is to relate in a fundamentally different way.  How can we shift our orientation with Life so we create a consistently wonderful experience?

After a lifetime of searching and exploring many different systems, I have found a revolutionary different way of orienting that offers a more intimate, meaningful, moment by moment relationship with Life/Nature/God than most.  To share this process with others is why I created these courses and coaching opportunities...they work in marvelous ways, like no other spiritual system, I have encountered in my many years of exploration.  

Committing to taking action to transform yourself is the first step. Following through consistently in your practice is your vibratory commitment to Life, which invites the shift to an extraordinary orientation. Our old inherited ways of relating are so established that for someone initially learning these new ways, they rapidly again assert themselves, and we forget what we learned...so powerful are unconscious habits.  Without consistent growth and development in awareness of the new ways of relating many often slip back into unconsciousness.  This is why it is valuable to have someone mentor us they don't have the same blind spots as we.

We don't know what we don't know.  We don't often see in ourselves what subtly influences us.  A fish in water doesn't know it is wet.  We don't see the invisible programs that keep us playing as less than the divine we are.  So I’ve created powerful step-by-step programs and processes, as well as One on One coaching support, to help you transform in the specific ways that are truly going to give you breakthroughs in awareness, and quickly re-connect you to your divine capabilities.   I offer my support in the beginning to assist your transition in this new adventure into greater expression of your divinity with the intention that I become obsolete.  Dependence upon the teacher serves neither the teacher or the student.

I created these opportunities for those of you dedicated to truly shifting your relationship with life.  I want to present these to everyone who yearns for this quality of freedom for themselves...for it is this way, one person at a time expressing and living as the divinity they are a little more, that we experience Utopia. 

It's my honor to assist you.


In person rate (Escondido, North San Diego County, CA.) $90/hr

Phone rate $75/ 50 min (Sliding scale available for those needing assistance)


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How Personal Coaching or Mentor Support Can Help


“If I keep doing what I have been doing, I will continue to get more of what I’ve got.”   We’ve heard this, but how do we change?  But how to see ourselves from a compassionate, loving, aware place, is something that we don’t know how to do ourselves.  We need help.  We need someone who isn’t blinded by our belief systems and prejudicial perspectives to help us see ourselves objectively.  Only someone else, a coach, a mentor, can do this for us…to help us see our blind spots…  We need the help of loving hearts to be all we can be individually, professionally, spiritually.  We need their compassion to break through our own invisible glass ceilings if we are to manifest all we truly are.



Life As a Mirror


The quality of life I see outwardly reflects my inward state on some level….  If I perceive that my life is less than what I would like it to be, then I can be sure that at some level I am not manifesting all I can be…something in me is getting in the way of my dreams manifesting.  Something within me is not in alignment with the tremendous abundance and generosity of life that would allow it to flow freely as joyous participation with life.  When I see unhappiness and discord around me, when I am unhappy with areas of my life, I am looking outwardly at my own inner state crystallized as life.  If I look deeply in these situations, I often see that there are areas where I have refused to look…to take responsibility… where I continue to fearfully point my finger at someone or something outside of myself and shrink back into the habit of blame and victim,  rather than play the role of Creator and take responsibility for my predicament and do what I can to change me first.


We Offer Support For Those Changing Life Styles


We at ET understand how difficult a change in life situation can be for people.  Moving from Marriage to Single life, from Monastic life to Secular life, even the transition from Abundance to simplicity can be very unsettling and lonely and bring up many previously unexamined issues.  We have been through just such changes and have lots of experience dealing with the discomfort and learning how to show up to the wonderful opportunities inherent in uncomfortable life changes.  We offer practical, tangible, and intangible coaching and support for those going through such changes so your life may manifest more of the wonder that you are. 




How to Re-manifest Our Sacred Creativity


The things I think of as being withheld from me by the world, are, if I am completely honest, the things I am withholding from myself…through my thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  If I wish to manifest the life of my dreams, I need to take responsibility for where I show up to life as less than Creator.  Little bit by little bit as we notice how we don’t show up, we begin to show up, and Life lovingly responds.


The Coaching/Mentoring program at Extraordinary Transitions

is a tool for your present moment awareness into how you show up to life.  


Common results you can expect:

Greater Peace of mind

Abundance on all levels

Greater calmness in activity

Greater clarity

More consistently maintaining an "above the clouds" perspective, while anchored in practical realities... but without the mental strife and conflict.

Compassionate Communications - with yourself and with others for greater quality of connection and effectiveness.

To become proficient in emotional awareness and management skills

Your business efficiency goes way up.

Greater harmony manifests in outer circumstances...and if it doesn't always appear to... then you have the skills and awareness to stay more present with it..and it shifts. 


Contact Steve Shires for your free 45 minute phone consultation to see if this is right for you.