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We help people gracefully show up as what and who they are ... the Divine in human experience, and bring all aspects of their lives more in alignment with their complete uniqueness without any limitation whatsoever. 


Some of the most challenging and rewarding human experiences occur in relationship with others, with ourself, with Life.  How to be in relationship as what and who we are, is the gift and the path of relationship whether familial, business, friendship, or intimate. 


One of the most valuable awareness tools in relationship is knowledge of our style of communications.  We assist couples in compassionate communications with themselves first, and then with their partners.  Communications is essentially an awareness tool that we may learn how to lovingly accept and connect with all parts of ourselves and others, in the present moment, no matter how that moment shows up.  When we become aware of what we do when we do it, the awareness that it is or is not meeting our needs, automatically changes the behaviors if we know other skills that might be more effective in getting us what we want…a full integrated need based harmony with ourselves and others.  Change becomes an ally and a joyous occasion for learning about oneself which we share with our partner.    


Through applying various conscious awareness processes, clients find themselves throughout the day more able to notice, without self-condemnation or judgment, any inner reactivity that may arise as a result of belief systems, trauma, and programming.  This ability to show up, to be present and conscious as observer, is a core level transformational process.  A profound shift in relationship with Life occurs.  Love spontaneously arises and is noticed and honored moment by moment.  Their life experience becomes more open, complete, satisfying, and fulfilling as Life reveals itself lovingly responding and partnering instead of resisting.  They automatically find themselves receptive and open to the unlimited opportunities for learning in all aspects of their life. They learn how to effortlessly take responsibility for the creation of any of their life situations…heal them by showing up fully as who they are, quickly transform them, let go, and move on.  They ever-increasingly learn to refine their skills as co-creators, to gracefully harmonize with Source, fully, as what and who they uniquely are, and effortlessly live their life purpose.


Some of our processes and topics for couples are:

Skills for Gracefully Being Who You Are With Others

Emotions as Language of the Soul

Sacred Sexuality

The Sacredness of the Body

The Sacred Path of Relationship

How to Self-Fully Love Oneself and Others

Appreciation, Love, Bliss, and Discomfort in Relationship

Relationship as Opportunity for Infinite Growth

The Mirror of Relationship

Compassionate Communications

The Energetics of Sacred Loving

Easy and Graceful Relationship Principles