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With our combined 60 plus years of experience inside spiritual organizations, we find a special place in our hearts for spiritual organizations of all persuasions and beliefs.  Spiritual organizations, more than any other group of people, often have the highest expectations around issues of personal and public integrity, service to humanity, holding the vision of Goodness. And with that, comes greater responsibility to be a bright light in a world often beset with turmoil and conflict.  Especially now, as the focus of attention shifts more and more to the effects of consciousness in performance, individuals, corporations, and especially spiritual organizations, are ever more being looked to for new being-based models of leadership. We help them do this through powerful, awareness-based processes that lead to transformation.

Creating A Self-Aware Organization     

At ET we assist organizations to become self-aware of all aspects of their being.  We help them develop the skills and processes to automatically observe their invisible unconscious behaviors and belief systems. These are often the determining factors that contribute to limitations and “glass ceilings” of all kinds. They are the valves of the organization’s hidden vatic power of creativity, which are turned on and off energetically automatically. How to use that consciously?  These then are treated as valuable expressions of that business’ collective consciousness.  “Do these align with our core values?” reveals limiting beliefs and practices as they truly are, which often remains hidden.  We look at these as indicators and expressions of the organization’s internal integrity and energetic alignment.  Creative powers are limited by these “corporate blind spots” or unleashed by “alignment”. 

As organizations increasingly become self-aware, they become more uniquely what they are, and more expressive on all levels.  This lack of fear and increased creativity invites a response by Life that corresponds to the quality of the alignment.  When a organization learns to honor that level of consciousness as something more seminal than even their most cherished core values, their ability to be in relationship with all of Life, becomes increasingly without limitation of any kind.  Their ability to contribute to a certain quality of life here on planet earth will become increasingly harmonious in unpredictably magical ways.  The bottom line reflects this new relationship.  The ability of a organization to cultivate consistently fearlessly facing their collective unconscious, and then productively integrate the hidden needs that these behaviors reveal, is the mark of a conscious organization.  This is the birth of a new consciousness-based business model.  We at ET believe that this is the “phoenix-like” invitation behind the recent financial challenges.


Transformation Into A Conscious Organization


Extraordinary Transitions is most effective in assisting organizations and businesses who see the advantages of being committed to becoming increasingly conscious in their interactions with their clients, the world, and Nature.  In the search for meaningful impact and financial success, many organizations are looking for new models of conscious business practices.  We help these businesses explore new ways of showing up to doing business that have positive impact in their business sectors and world consciousness.  The consciousness: the self-awareness, processes, values, impact energetic and energy) that a business acts from is vitally important…if a business conducts its activities in an effort to be more conscious, then life itself responds pro-actively by bringing it opportunities that are of like energy.  These are the magnetics of success that are rooted in an organization being fully who they are…just like an individual being who he is fully without limitation.


Extraordinary Transitions supports your businesses become conscious and most effective in its role in global society through a number of increasing self-awareness services, the most important of which is assisting you and your organization clarify and maintain alignment with your core values.  If the personal/private and public "persona" images are in sync, and consciously rooted in the core values, where actions and values are consciously in alignment with an effortless magnetism is created that irresistibly attracts a certain quality of people, clients, and opportunities of the highest order and effectiveness.




Clarifying Core Values


We also assist organizations to become aware of the principles by which they have traditionally operated and the effectiveness of those models and shift those that are less effective than they would like.  As in individual transformation, we present processes and methods that enhance the opportunity to view organizational behavior through alignment with the core value of loving behavior (is this action loving or fearing).  We urge experimentation with defining those values and behaviors in light of environmental response and bottom line successes (which too are examined in light of the core values and goals).   These processes allow the culture to own its heritage and to clearly see the differences between unchangeable core values, and the changeable policies and practices.


We have the means to assist the Organization discover and implement values based practices even inside the corporate structure.  Example:  Organizations dedicated to living their core values have assigned a Board of Directors position (which is rotated and has veto power) of Corporate Conscience to give teeth to the commitment to maintaining alignment.



Conscious Communications Processes


We can also help you birth that perfect image from the inside out.  Through conscious, respectful group communications processes (Synergy Communications) the group consciousness is allowed to freely and openly explore all the possibilities and opportunities available. Harvest and distill the organizational wisdom in a new way.  The collective higher consciousness of the group process identifies various needs, and engages in exploration of options and creative solutions without the high maintenance dominance over system (usually required to be played by leadership).  These unique communications processes tap the heart of the organizations many members, and involves them in voicing  organizational needs, root causes, and creative solutions that ordinarily wouldn’t be explored when the seminal idea pool is more restricted through old processes.



Leadership Style Transformation Support


We also help leadership make the personal transition from dominance over systems of leadership, into lower maintenance yet highly creative and effective values based group participation.  This shift usually liberates leadership to shift into higher realms of creativity and productivity.  It also requires leadership be courageous enough to fearlessly look at their personal involvement, and be willing to relinquish behaviors and practices that may be getting in the way of a greater effectiveness, higher invitation, and way of influencing.  We also show how the organization at various stages of its growth requires different responses to keep it conscious, happy, and flourishing.


Once the corporate consciousness is well established and shaped, we assist in processes that give it responsiveness, and external recognition through our editorial, marketing and publicity skills.



The Invitation of Challenges


The same basic underlying themes challenge all organizations dedicated to manifesting excellence, regardless of their size – this is especially significant in relation to listening to dissent and handling conflict. If delicate or unpleasant issues are left unaddressed… if comfort (don’t rock the boat) becomes the unconscious criteria of behavior, ...if leadership and the core values don’t expect, and evoke excellence from the heart of every member, then those distresses only grow larger. The challenges of conflict are a courageous invitation into expansion of awareness.  Many organizations that don’t learn the skill of listening to the voice of dissent for its hidden gold, miss tremendous opportunities for true creative transformation and new excellence.  If they stay reactive, over time they can become dogmatic, and succumb to invisible rampant growth of inner negativity.  Without a true commitment to self-awareness that is automatic and built-in, the reactivity seduces collective energies into bureaucratic, fearful, and controlling actions.  In unconscious organizations, this energetic contraction is justified by another core value that has become unconscious and hasn’t fully been owned by the present generation… all of these contribute to an innocent slide into mediocrity, a preoccupation with survival, and an overlooking of the higher invitation for fiscal and social excellence.  This can even cause premature death of the organization.


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Lectures and Seminars Available

As the focus of attention shifts more and more to the effects of consciousness in performance, individuals, corporations, and especially spiritual organizations are ever more being looked to for new larger being-based models of leadership. We help clients do this through powerful, awareness-based processes that lead to permanent transformation and new levels of uniqueness and success.

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