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Steve Shires

Transformational Coach

"I assist people and organizations learn to notice and overcome any limitation in their ability to connect with, and express, their true creativity and abundance…their Divinity.  I equip them with very specific, and effective, evolutionary, present moment awareness tools and communications processes that help them be more fully what they are uniquely.  I assist them in using their own awareness and creativity to evolve to the next step in their unfoldment.  They accomplish this by gracefully maintaining alignment with Life within them moment by moment.  This core connection helps them attract, and be more fully present to the gifts and opportunities hidden behind the challenges of change...allowing them to be creativity itself, without limitation, and to be responsible to themselves and Life, in new, ever evolving, liberating ways that have no inherent limitations whatsoever.  


Usually we relate through programs and hidden belief systems that incorporate blame, shame, survival, or other unconscious pre-programmed ways we perpetuate that compel us to be less than what we are.  With guidance, we are able to graduate from addiction to the incessantly thinking mind...one of the most invisible of the subtle, energetic saboteurs to our efforts to fully express our divinity.   


This is a very personal journey of awareness within oneself.  I assist clients learn how to shift the way they show up, into a present, conscious, self-aware, graceful, non-judgmental, observer of what they do.  Then they are able to see where they are not living in integrity with the Truth and Life within themselves...how these quietly short-circuit their well-intentioned best efforts at consistent expression of their divinity.  The resulting shift in consciousness and awareness is no less dramatic than the transformation of a caterpillar to butterfly (the DNA hasn’t changed, it is activated in a new and different way).  I show people who really want to express what they feel is their untapped potential, how to become more conscious, so they can, at will, live as the unique expression they are, and so that their interactions with Life may be more wonderful, enjoyable, successful, magnetic, graceful, easy, playful, and naturally abundant."


Exploring the Art of Conscious Living

 "I mentor and coach people, businesses, and organizations how to more gracefully show up as what and who they are...the Divine manifesting in ordinary human experience, and how to bring all aspects of their lives more in alignment with their complete uniqueness, beyond any limitations whatsoever.  By acquiring various awareness skills and processes, clients find themselves throughout the day more able to notice, without self-condemnation, or judgment, any inner reactivity arising from the influence of these hidden systems, trauma, and programming.  The ability to show up, to be present and conscious as observer of what we do, while itself a transitional state, is part of a fundamental evolutionary transformational process.  Through this proces, a profound shift in relationship with Life occurs.  A foundational loving relationship with self and Life spontaneously arises.  Experiences become more open, interactive, complete, playful, satisfying, and fulfilling, as Life reveals itself a loving responding partner.  Clients gracefully find themselves receptive and open to the unlimited opportunities for learning in all aspects of their life. They learn how to  take responsibility for the creation of any of their life situations…heal them by showing up fully as what they are, quickly transform them, let go of what did not serve, and move on.  They ever-increasingly learn to refine their skills as co-creators, to gracefully harmonize with Source, fully, as what and who they uniquely are, and effortlessly live their life purpose."                                                                                                    Steve


Steve’s passionate belief is that the quality of our experience is based on our relationship with Life which is based on our orientation...the  sub-thought values which are foundational ways of relating in every moment.  Whether this is in the universal, personal, intimate or organizational/business realm, it is based on living love in action (what we are), and is a sacred pathway that leads to Divine awareness, AND practical results.  In each arena, growth is toward conscious, present moment, full manifestation of our potential, without any limitation whatsoever. 


Steve coaches/ mentors individuals, businesses and spiritual organizations to become more conscious, enlightened, and extraordinary.   His specialty is in helping people transform every aspect of their ordinary human experience into sacred experience, automatically making life more wonderful for everyone.


In addition to his growing private spiritual coaching practice which focuses on assisting  individuals, couples, and teams manifest their full divine nature uniquely as who they are, Steve’s gift is to also share similar processes with businesses, corporations, and spiritual organizations who wish to manifest this full potential and excellence on all levels.  He facilitates processes that help them discover and manifest what they would like their organization to be in reality.  His gift is in helping organizations become profitable, conscious entities that live their core values without any authoritarian overlay.  His vision…his expertise, and his passion… is assisting the creation of conscious corporations (and individuals within them)…working with leaders who want that and assisting the people and teams who want to manifest that through tapping the collective heart of all the players.  To this end, Steve has co-founded Extraordinary Transitions and SteveShires.com


Sacredness of Relationship

One of Steve's core Values and Virtues is Sacred loving relationship with all of Life as what he is.  Whether that is in business, socially, intimately, impersonally, or in relating with Nature.  It is all deeply moving and meaningful to him. 


Of special interest to him is his passion for communicating to Man the sacredness awaiting them in honoring Woman through sacred interaction and service.  Steve believes that when Man is dedicated to manifesting who and what he is as the divine, he stands in real strength, and out of that abundance, naturally and gracefully assists and encourages Woman to be more fully what She is...the divine, allowing her to feel the safety she needs to fully show up as the love she is.  Then Man and Woman take their place as partners, and full co-creators of life…love is made manifest in the physical realm, and fundamental global healing takes place.  This loving ecology is based on each individual's dedication to living love in every moment, as what we are as the divine, in human experience.





-30+ year Monastic

-29 year Multi-Media team leader/manager

-20+ years Spiritual Coach

-“Compassionate Communications” trainer

-Certified “Center for Soulful Living” Mentor/Trainer

-“Synergy Meeting Process” Moderator/Trainer

-Instant Emotional Healing Practitioner

-Raja Yoga Meditation Coach

-UCSC General College Honors Graduate BA “Creativity and Consciousness”

-University of California President’s Grant Recipient

-Hospice Care



Steve’s Past

Steve Shires graduated with college honors from the University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Creativity and Consciousness, and as the recipient of the University of California President’s Grant .  For the next almost 31 years, he dedicated his life as a celibate monk in the monastic order of Paramahansa Yogananda – Self-Realization Fellowship.  He was initiated into the ancient order of Sannyas (as Swami Sukhananda; the name means “Bliss through Divine Happiness”).  During that time he was a Spiritual Counselor for both the monastics and lay disciples of the church, and also developed and managed their professional Audio Video Media Facility. 


A “Renaissance man”, Steve has balanced the artistic, personal, and technical.  When with SRF, he conducted public meditation services, and served as Manager/Supervisor of the SRF Audio-Video Department, where he initiated and oversaw the creation, production, and preservation of Broadcast quality Audio Video recordings, for-sale products, with a full time staff of 6.  During that time he initiated the creation of a massive state-of-the-art archive facility and systems for the preservation of documents, recordings, and historical items.  For 29 years he was the technical supervisor/director for a worldwide Convention for 5,000 and a staff of 23.  As a still photographer, he was formulative in the creation of 5 award-winning calendars, magazines, and other products and publications while with SRF. 


Organizationally, he was extremely active with the Self-Realization Fellowship Monk’s Spiritual Life Committee (a group assigned to look into the challenges faced by the transition process facing the monastic order at that time).  Through this challenging process he became an expert in the processes and challenges that growing evolving businesses and organizations face.  He has facilitated various workshops in Compassionate Communications, Synergy Communications, and Conflict Mediation, as well as Extraordinary Transitions Process seminars. 


Through a series of life transforming events and processes, he decided to leave the SRF organization and to serve mankind in a larger way in the world as an independent spiritual and organizational consultant/guide.


In 2002 he started Extraordinary Transitions as a sacred support for truth-seekers, and has since served as a sacred facilitator through his trainings, workshops and private practice.  He is a certified Center for Soulful Living Mentor Trainer



Example of Steve's communications/conflict resolution skills


 While on assignment to photographically document Angkor Wat temples and the “Killing Fields” in Cambodia, Steve successfully mediated a potentially dangerous conflict between Western travelers and former members of the Khymer Rouge (Communist faction responsible for the genocide known as the Killing Fields).  Following the capture of our bus at night, which was traveling from Bangkok to Siem Reap, the group was stranded and being held hostage at the outskirts of the town.  As a developing argument was about to escalate into violence, Steve intervened and took control of the situation by offering empathetic understanding and clarification of the positions of both sides.  Using techniques of Non-Violent Communications, learned from time spent with Marshall Rosenberg, he identified the possible positions while remaining calm and objective and surrounded by about 30 former Khymer Rouge members.  He listened carefully to both sides and translated their feelings and needs into a dialogue of understanding and resolution.  He then negotiated a solution that would be safe for all the travelers that resulted in all 23 marching en masse to the town late at night with the Khymer Rouge members closely shadowing.


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