Extraordinary Transitions

Transformational Support, Skills, and Processes

Who We Are

Two former long time monastics of Self-Realization Fellowship Church, Heidi Hall and Steve Shires, (30 plus years each) created the consulting/coaching service Extraordinary Transitions (ET) for the purpose of assisting individuals, businesses, and organizations to more effectively embrace change while remaining consciously in alignment with their core values and human warmth. With the passing of Heidi in 2014, Steve continues to facilitate individual and organizational growth from an ordinary human orientation into a conscious, aware, orientation existence, where values, goals, and behaviors are in alignment with Life consistently.    

We are passionate about offering our support to people, individually or collectively, who wish to heighten their level of conscious living.    Conscious Living simply put, is to bring the Light of awareness to places that would otherwise remain hidden.  In businesses, communities, and groups of all sizes, these hidden places show up as conflict, attrition, misalignment between the public face, and private behavior, a lack of clarity about the common values and vision, and so on. 

In private life they show up as an undercurrent of unfulfillment on some, or many levels. 

To live consciously, is a means to actualizing our deepest dreams, finding the hidden gift in discomfort and difficulty, and bringing about clarity and awakening.  It is to see beyond appearances of success and happiness to what truly is and to be in a place of peace and acceptance without effortin alignment with who we truly are, authentically, and to observe Life create from that space.

It is a fact of human nature that we generally "don't know what we don't know."  We sit in community or family meetings gone awry, we find ourselves in a relationship dilemma or feel stagnant in our personal lives, we feel helpless in a workplace that is full of drama or power struggles, unaware that we are empowered to change our circumstances from the inside out. 

For businesses and organizations, the art of conscious living, collectively, can be achieved through easy, yet powerful, processes and tools.

An Eastern Philosopher once said:  "When you bring in the Light, the Darkness vanishes as though it had never been."    Extraordinary Transitions is committed to showing you the light switch that will illuminate the places in personal or business Life that require more awareness and integration.  An easy flow of grace, connection with others, happiness and productivity follows.  You are not only personally empowered, but able to perpetuate the art of conscious living to your family, relationships and community.

Changing the planet begins here, with us.  As we hold that Light brighter, a greater world Light is created for the common Good.