Extraordinary Transitions

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Emotions:  A Language of the Soul

What we refer to as “negative emotions” (anger, resentment, rage, uneasiness, anxiety, etc) are effects that arise in the body when we’re not being uniquely what we are.  Many well known teachings promote that emotions are the enemy.  But that is mistaking the effect for the cause.  The cause is us not being uniquely what we are.  Emotions can be viewed in this light as allies to assist us in becoming aware of where we are not being true to the life in us.  They help us…if we’re oriented as what we are as our body, we will see that emotions are the body’s feedback mechanism indicating that we are not in integrity as what we are as the divine.  There’s some element of negativity in how we are relating with life.  There’s some kind of conflict between our actions, our thoughts, and our orientation…how we are relating with life, that is not in alignment with the truth of what we are at our deepest level.  We’re not being uniquely what we are.  Instead we are showing up as less than that.  Emotions arise when we’ve got some form of conflict…some form of programming or belief system, or structure that we are conforming to, instead of being what we are…the unlimited free divine.  That way of relating is not being true.  We are conflicted, and that energy, our bodies transparently and divinely reflect to us as emotion.  Emotion is the energetic language of the Soul letting us know that we are showing up as less than what we truly are.  Emotions then become a valuable ally to us to alert, and help us become aware of our lack of integrity so that we can then re-invite ourselves back to being uniquely what we are through the presence process statement we teach.     

Differentiations Regarding Extraordinary Transitions' Values, and Processes


The key differentiations listed below address the unique ways we are dedicated to showing up in any moment.  We have seen that these behaviors and mindsets contribute to life in positive cooperative graceful conscious ways that open new opportunities for Life to express around and through us.  These clearly differ from many of the established ways of relating in life that are prevalent on the planet right now, and in our estimation are the foundations for true harmonious lasting success.   These relate with equal importance and effectiveness to individuals, organizations, and governments. 

Heart-centered communications.  We all crave intimacy.  We may be fearful of how it shows up at times because of past traumas, but we all crave deep intimate heart connection.  Intimacy in communication takes place when we get to the level of sharing our feelings and needs.  There is vulnerability and the possibility of rejection, etc. in this level of communication, so most people avoid it. Communication that isn’t intimate, that remains on the 3 lower levels of communications (sharing greetings, facts, opinions) aren’t very satisfying, and each successively risks more vulnerability by exposing what we are feeling and needing.

Some of the ways we are committed to showing up with others that are different and unusual and invite all of us to partake of life with a certain quality of connection that is based on respect for all our needs being met are listed below:

Life connecting, and life serving, vs life-alienated thinking and behavior.  We are committed to processes which strive for a quality of connection where everyone’s needs can get met, and to doing this in a way that contributes to making everyone’s life more wonderful by striving to always be connected with what we are in the largest sense, without any limitation, that allows and encourages others to be more connected with what they are without any limitation.  We differentiate between feelings, observations, and intellectual evaluations, and moralistic judgments of right and wrong. Our attention is on observations, feelings, needs and requests.  We are aimed toward connecting and meeting needs in me and in others simultaneously.  I honestly express myself and empathically connect with others in a spirit of play and discovery.  We renounce moralistic judgments and evaluations of others and life situations.  We avoid labeling others as good or bad and renounce blaming, shaming, rewarding and controlling to get what I want.

Paradigm shift from relinquishing our autonomy to an outward based authority, into taking full responsibility for our life and everything that happens in and around us.  This shift comes from honoring each of us and our uniqueness and opportunity for contribution to life, rather than suppressing what we are to fit in and be loved/accepted (which really end up being accepted as less than what we truly are). When we are in integrity with what we are in the largest sense (as the divine), we honor the unique expression we are, and we are in relationship with life in a magical way that maintains unlimited opportunities for expression.


Issues relating to our dedication to getting everybody’s needs met:

Outcome based activity, vs being in a process of discovery and loving connection.  We search for the life in and as the individual in this present moment by exploring observations, feelings, needs, and requests.

Power-over, vs Power-with systems.  Out of a willingness and need to contribute to life vs punishment and reward.   Power might be defined as the capacity to mobilize resources to meet needs.  This points out the importance of making present moment requests as a means of mobilizing resources. The choice here is how we use our power…Over others and life, or with others and life.  Over, comes from right/wrong thinking and authoritarian position of thinking “I know better”, or “I am the authority”.  

Difference between getting people to do things because the actions serve the life in them and others, vs getting people to take action out of fear of punishment or reward.  This goes to the heart of the thought that people are basically evil and need to be controlled – language system supports that concept: should, must, have to, can’t, ought to, right, wrong. 

Difference between getting people to do what you want vs getting people to do what you want for the reasons you want them to do it – so you won’t be sorry for it later.  The reasons for which they do it is just as important as them doing it. Addressing what is alive in them that keeps them presently from doing what you want.

Difference between getting people to do what you want to get your needs fulfilled, and coming from a place where the other person’s needs are just as important as your needs (not more important, and not less). This truly defines win-win, self-connection, and dogging for your needs, while acknowledging the truth that life is one continuum of loving connection.  This is not the concept of life as a warring process of everyone fighting for finite pieces of pie, and where someone’s gain is another’s loss.  This is true brotherhood of man in action.  The challenge comes in learning to identify what those needs are through connecting with, and communicating feelings, and making clear present requests around those feelings.  This often takes time, and is initially an uncomfortable process of change.  There initially can be great unclarity and uneasiness when the parties go through this transition and re-learning how to connect with and honoring the life inside us process. 

Empathy vs Sympathy: The focus of attention is on the other person in empathy.  Connecting with what is alive in the other person.  What the life in them is feeling and needing.  Not about trying to fix or doing anything other than being fully present with the other person.  In Sympathy the focus of attention is on me and how I resonate and relate with their experience.  I may be listening from the head in a reactive state because what they are saying triggers my traumas in some way and that can keep me disconnected from the life in them.  I have found that if I can’t imagine what the other person is feeling and needing, then I am in reaction, and need to give my self empathy-first aid for what is going on in me, otherwise I will just spread my unconscious reactivity and not be present with the full Presence and awareness that is the magically healing opportunity.  If I have done my own work and taken responsibility for my feelings, then I can view feelings and emotions as portals to presence, wonderful opportunities for learning about myself, and I am less reactive and more open to the wondrous opportunity in interaction that life invites us to through the medium of discomfort and the soul’s language in emotion. I heal myself as I allow them to be with their present feelings and needs fully, as long as they need to be.  They are in charge, as I alertly am present as what I am only in support of their growth process. 

Intellectual understanding vs empathy.  Diagnosis does not communicate loving understanding or being understood at all. You have all you need to make an empathic connection right now – your loving space.  Trying to connect with what is alive in them now, not in the past, but at this moment.  I ask questions of them to see if I am really in fact connected with them accurately.  Not to lead them in the direction I think they need to go to “become whole” in my evaluation.  That mentality and approach is playing God (I know better) rather than being open and exploring what is alive in us.


Internal Self-Discovery processes:

Difference between making moralistic judgments and life-serving judgments – not no judgments at all.  The issue of societal programming to relinquish personal responsibility to something outside of yourself – outside of your heart connection – your true needs.  Based on the unexamined concept that something or someone outside of you can be responsible for your life decisions.  This goes to not fully being in the present moment, and always reaching for conditions to become “right” before “perfection” can enter our lives.  When we are in the mind, we tend to look at the past and our past pains and reach to the future to prevent those pains from reoccurring. We end up leap-frogging the present in such processing and bypass it…the only place where life takes place.  We ignore the body which is present and thought triggered and where emotions take place in the now.  Look to the body for the true feedback.  The body doesn’t lie.  Embrace discomfort and mining it for the life-alignment messages lessons is key.

The motive is to connect in a way that is most loving and contributes to serving life in all parties.

Responsibility for…, as opposed to responsibility to…. I am responsible for my thoughts, my actions, and my reactions.  I cannot be responsible for how another person reacts and feels, and how another person behaves.  Ignoring these differentiations is a sure way to make certain there is emotional pollution. I can not be responsible for those things over which I have no control.  Therefore, I can’t be responsible for other people’s actions.  If I don’t have this understanding I am going to contribute to the violence by blurring boundaries when I try to control something over which I have no control..I will continue to mistake my happiness and integrity with something outside myself.  Additionally, I end up not being in integrity with what I am by trying to be something I cannot really ever be…I end up giving myself away to be loved or accepted.  Then I have lost everything important.

I am not responsible for my family’s actions.  I am responsible for how I might have contributed to being a stimulus for those reactions.  My intention, what I said, and how I said it.  But how the other person takes it is ultimately up to them.  I am dedicated to honoring and respecting the uniqueness and sensitivities of each person, and will do my best to be gentle, cooperative, mutual and respectful, out of integrity with what I am…but the results of this are out of my hands.

Difference between strategies and needs.  We often think something is a need, but unless we have connected with what we are really feeling first, we may only be identifying one possible strategy and miss the real need behind the feeling. We may be addressing something incomplete – “solving the wrong problem”. Strategies not developed out of a connection with the feelings and needs may not address true needs.  most of the time, my suffering had little to do with my needs not being met, it had to do with me making requests from addiction – thinking…that I thought I had to have this person do a certain thing.  True needs are not specific to anyone or any thing.  They can also arise from the habit of reactively jumping in an “fixing” something rather than just being with it and letting it resolve itself by sitting with it.  Difference between strategies of connecting with the Life in us in the Present moment in us, vs digging into (fixing/something is broken) needing to know “why” to create a more “safe” future (Understanding past pain and looking to the future to make sure it doesn’t repeat itself).  So many things are better off if we just hold them lovingly rather than approaching them as problems needing fixing.  This points out the Difference between connection at a heart level (feeling and exploration of life) rather than logical rational/cognitive thought “figuring it out” (safety/mind survival identification):

Shift vs Compromise.  Shift is attention on needs and a solution that satisfies both, vs attention on strategies which may not value each person’s needs, and a solution where everyone gives up something, and only a part of each parties’ needs are met.  Settling for Or solutions, versus And solutions.  Exploring the magic that comes out of connecting at the heart level vs getting what I think I want.


Some others are:

·   Natural vs. Habitual

·   Protective vs. Punitive use of force

·   Interdependence vs. Dependence

·   Self discipline vs. Obedience

·   Respect for Authority vs. Fear of Authority

·   Vulnerability vs. Weakness

·   Observation vs. Observation mixed with evaluation

·   Stimulus vs. Cause

·   Love as  a Need vs. Love as a Feeling

·   Requests vs. Demands

·   Appreciation vs. Praise

Derived from Non-Violent Communications www.cnvc.org

Manifesting What You Want in Life

What you want to attract, manifest first. How to do that?  

Move toward what your vision is; feel it, look at it perfectly completed...what all 5 senses experience in that state.  Then let it go with your mind (because it is too limited and will hold you back...just sow the energetic seeds and leave them to grow). This is the key to manifesting the quality of life experience that you want have. 

If you want to experience divine love, be love first.  Then from that inner flow state you become irresistible to love itself.  But it has to be done for love's sake, from the inspiration within you, not from the desire for the result of getting or attaining love as a goal.  (There is no lack of love inside you...no black hole to fill.  That is just more ordinary mind orientation.)  Come from that still inner place of you just simply being you...the utter simplicity of allowing your loving nature to on it's own just ooze out.  No effort.  It is not about will power at this point.  Allow yourself to be that energetically which you want to experience.  This unblocks the ever-flowing channel for Life's expression when we orient as what we are...when we're not attached to some specific outcome we are holding in our mind. 

We are so big.  Not "me" as an ordinary mind orientation, but bigger...as the constant present moment opportunity for God expression of creativity without limitation.  There is no limitation to that orientation for both us, God, and others.  To remain identified and stuck as a finite personality is way too small.

When we have no ulterior motive, when our desire is to manifest more completely, and more consistently the divine qualities that we want to experience in our life, then Life/Source is able to cooperatively, more spontaneously, express and organize in that open potentiality of nonattachment and lovingly bring us more of what we would like to have as a quality of life experience.  We don't block Life/God.  The key is for us to be responsible for our reality...to orient in utter simplicity as what we are...how we were first conceived of by God when He/She conceived of only you/me.  Rather than showing up as our "normal"  restless orientation of "wanting", this non-attached surrender gives Life the unique embryonic environment in which it can now manifest and organize in a way that is most wonderful for our life experience.  This is true faith...trust in Life/Source beyond planning and the limitations of the orientation of an incessantly thinking mind (which continually short-circuits true magic and wonder). 


Manifesting as Divine expression is an evolutionary process.  It's not about getting.  It's about graduating into the complete freedom of loving and enjoying without attachment, and letting Life flow in wonder.


Financial Crisis as Transformational Invitation

The World Financial Crisis that we are all experiencing, we believe is a global transition vehicle forcing us to let go of old ways of relating in and to Life, and an invitation into deeper more integrated levels of living in integrity and respect. 

This indeed may be one aspect of the 2012 end of the Mayan Calendar scenario...where we are seeing not the end of physical world, but the end of certain mental, collective unconscious, business, financial, social, and psychological belief systems as structures that no longer serve life.  These processes it would seem are being dramatically accelerated through this process of disintegration, which phoenix-like, is simultaneously a birthing and invitation to manifest a new world founded on integrity, and respectful interaction on all levels… (Individually, and collectively as nations, groups, businesses, organizations, teams, and tribes.)  Living in integrity fully, as who we are, from who we are, is, we believe, the grand invitation.  Lessons it seems must be relearned through growing respectful reliance on one another.  This often must be preceded by a letting go of all that does not serve this level of mutual divine respect.   Anything that serves little ego based self-gain, it seems, must be replaced with high perspective co-commitment, and true dedication to win-win.  Acknowledgement of our oneness in thought and behavior is now more than ever an absolute requirement for true success.

This transition for many can be both a very painful process as well as inspiring process of transformation.  We at ET have the experience of having dealt with “end of the world” scenarios on similar “earthshaking” levels (Go to Steve Shires pages).  We have developed resources and have the experience to assist those with a real passion to move through these coming times as a positive learning experience into something revolutionarily evolutionary.  It is our conviction that what we all are being invited to, through the decline of what we collectively have previously become so dependent upon, and thought so reliable (man’s mental and financial creations), is into something grandly choreographed and explicitly dedicated to evoking our fullest divine potential.  So perfect...that anything less than what we are each uniquely experiencing would not do…it is that important to Life, to us, to the planet. 


Other perspectives on this transformational time

Discussed in the webpages below:

Geoff Hoppe, Talking about this Transformational time from The crimson circle.

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Creating Conscious Businesses


Businesses, corporations, organizations…any collection of people united for a common purpose, can become enveloped and limited by their collective unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and ways of relating.  In their essence, corporations are entities consisting of people, thoughts, and intentions, come together to bring something into manifestation.  This may take the form of a product, a service, a way of relating.  Essentially they are there to manifest something and then exchange something for it.  Previously, the vast majority of businesses (with a few remarkable exceptions) have focused almost exclusively on the creation of a "product" for money.  This focused view has traditionally been the focus of the entire organization.  Rarely have businesses seen how they do business, and their presence, as a “product” of their culture also.  Essentially, businesses and organizations are creators attempting to apply their knowledge to bring into existence something unique and rare for which others will compensate them.  Businesses now are finding that they need to expand their vision and self-awareness to be able to be flexible and adaptable to the challenges they encounter on their journey of creation.  There is at this time a great invitation for businesses to become experts in the law of attraction and to focus on their corporate consciousness and how at the root level, it affects their efforts at manifestation.  The art of manifestation, and the law of attraction have historically been focused on the impact and behaviors of the individual…not business.  There is a great invitation now in business arena to adopt the wholistic methods individuals have discovered, and apply the science of this spirituality to take their business from a survival orientation (even though they may be doing well at that) to thriving without limitation.   

The collective unconscious ways of relating hidden within any business culture (The collective consciousness and thoughts of its people) because of their inherent negative orientation creates a "glass ceiling" of limitation through which that business finds itself limited.  It has been my experience and observation that anger, shame, blame, depression, and its more subtle forms of discontent, lack of fulfillment, etc. will always arise to be an invisible part of a corporate culture, unless the collective consciousness of the corporation specifically addresses them (through core values and structure) and chooses to become conscious of its collective unconsciousness.  The quality of these orientations are subtle determinants of the collective success of any group or individual.  These invisible internal saboteurs are always at odds with the careful conscious intentions and goals.  Like a chariot where 5 horses are pulling in one direction, there usually are these 5 others pulling equally hard in the other direction.  Result is zero movement. They are the polar opposite of the positive orientation needed for the manifestation of breakthroughs thoughts for transformational success because they are subtly negating the organization’s energies, goals, and intentions to manifest.

How a corporation chooses to address the challenge of becoming conscious of its own limitations through being an observer of itself determines it’s ultimate success in the marketplace.  And this impartial noticing also allows it to see how it is or is not a valuable contributor to humanity and the planet…something that is increasingly becoming an important factor to the consumer and the success of those applying the law of attraction.  The recent financial market meltdown, and the British Petroleum events have revealed to us that it is no longer enough to focus solely on the product creation, and the bottom line, but is increasingly important to focus on how, as an entity like any other being, the corporation in reality is actually contributing to the creation of a better social, spiritual, physical, AND business environment.  These relational energy invitations contribute to a shift in orientation of business (or the individual) into an alliance WITH life itself who then responds in like vibrational manner through quiet, unforeseen, beneficial circumstances and events, and they guarantee long term survival and success.      

We assist corporations to become self-aware in all aspects of their being.  We help them develop the skills and processes to automatically observe their invisible unconscious behaviors and belief systems. These are often the determining factors that contribute to “glass ceilings” of all kinds.  They are the valves of the corporation’s hidden vatic power of creativity, which are turned on and off energetically automatically. How to use that consciously?  These then are treated as valuable expressions of that business’ collective consciousness.  “Do these align with our core values?”  reveals limiting beliefs and practices as they truly are, which often remains hidden.  We look at these as indicators and expressions of the corporation’s internal integrity and energetic alignment.  Creative powers are limited by these “corporate blind spots” or unleashed by “alignment”. 

As corporations increasingly become self-aware, they become more uniquely what they are, and more expressive on all levels.  This lack of fear and increased harmony and creativity invites a response by Life that corresponds to the quality of the alignment.  When a corporation learns to honor that level of consciousness as something more seminal than even their most cherished core values, their ability to be in relationship with all of Life, becomes increasingly without limitation of any kind.  Their ability to contribute to a certain quality of life here on planet earth will become increasingly harmonious in unpredictably magical ways.  The bottom line reflects this new relationship.  The ability of a corporation to cultivate consistently fearlessly facing their collective unconscious, and then productively integrate the hidden needs that these behaviors reveal, is the mark of a conscious corporation.  This is the birth of a new consciousness-based business model.  We believe that this is the “phoenix-like” invitation behind the recent financial restructuring of society.

With our combined 60 plus years of experience inside organizations, we find a special place in our hearts for businesses.  As the focus of attention shifts more and more to the effects of states of consciousness in performance, individuals, organizations, and corporations are ever more being looked to for new being-based models of leadership and influence.  There is the opportunity for businesses to experiment with and model self-awareness leadership as the missing key to responsible harmonious financial success. We help them do this through powerful, awareness-based processes that lead to undreamed of creativity, success, and transformation.

Transformation Into A Conscious, Aware Organization

We are most effective in assisting organizations and businesses who see the advantages of being committed to becoming increasingly conscious in their interactions with their clients, the world, and Nature.  In the search for meaningful impact and financial success, many organizations are looking for new models of conscious business practices.  We help these businesses explore new ways of showing up to doing business that have positive impact in their business sectors and world consciousness.  The consciousness: the self-awareness, processes, values, impact energetic and energy) that a business acts from is vitally important…if a business conducts its activities in an effort to be more conscious, then life itself responds pro-actively by bringing it opportunities that are of like energy.  These are the magnetics of success that are rooted in an organization being fully who they are…just like an individual being who he is fully without limitation.

 We support your businesses become conscious and most effective in its role in global society through a number of increasing self-awareness services, the most important of which is assisting you and your organization clarify and maintain alignment with your core values.  If the personal/private and public "persona" images are in sync, and consciously rooted in the core values, where actions and values are consciously in alignment with an effortless magnetism is created that irresistibly attracts a certain quality of people, clients, and opportunities of the highest order and effectiveness.


Clarifying Core Values

 We also assist organizations to become aware of the principles by which they have traditionally operated and the effectiveness of those models and shift those that are less effective than they would like.  As in individual transformation, we present processes and methods that enhance the opportunity to view organizational behavior through alignment with the core value of loving behavior (is this action loving or fearing).  We urge experimentation with defining those values and behaviors in light of environmental response and bottom line successes (which too are examined in light of the core values and goals).     These processes allow the culture to own its heritage and to clearly see the differences between unchangeable core values, and the changeable policies and practices.

We have the means to assist the Organization discover and implement values based practices even inside the corporate structure.  Example:  Organizations dedicated to living their core values have assigned a Board of Directors position (which is rotated and has veto power) of Corporate Conscience to give teeth to the commitment to maintaining alignment.


Conscious Communications Processes

Through conscious, respectful group communications processes (Synergy Communications) the group consciousness is allowed to freely and openly explore all the possibilities and opportunities available. Harvest and distill the organizational wisdom in a new way.  Through unique processes, the collective higher consciousness of the group identifies various needs, and engages in exploration of options and creative solutions without the high maintenance dominance-over system (usually requiring policing by leadership).  These unique communications processes tap the heart of the organization’s members, and involves them in voicing organizational needs, root causes, and creative solutions that ordinarily wouldn’t be explored when the seminal idea pool is limited.


Leadership Style Transformation Support

We also help leadership make the personal transition from dominance over systems of leadership, into lower maintenance yet highly creative and effective values based group participation.  This shift usually liberates leadership to shift into higher realms of creativity and productivity.  It also requires leadership be courageous enough to fearlessly look at their personal involvement, and be willing to relinquish behaviors and practices that may be getting in the way of a greater effectiveness, higher invitation, and way of influencing.  We also show how the organization at various stages of its growth requires different responses to keep it conscious, happy, and flourishing.

Once the corporate consciousness is well established and shaped, we assist in processes that give it responsiveness, and external recognition through our editorial, marketing and publicity skills.


The Hidden Gold in the Challenge of Change

The same basic underlying themes challenge all organizations dedicated to manifesting excellence, regardless of their size – this is especially significant in relation to listening to dissent and handling conflict. If delicate or unpleasant issues are left unaddressed… if comfort (don’t rock the boat) becomes the unconscious criteria of behavior, ...if leadership and the core values don’t expect, and evoke excellence from the heart of every member, then those distresses only grow larger. The challenges of conflict are a courageous invitation into expansion of awareness.  Many organizations don’t learn the skill of listening to the voice of dissent for its hidden gold, miss tremendous opportunities for true creative transformation and new excellence.  If they stay reactive, over time they can become dogmatic, and succumb to invisible rampant growth of inner negativity.  Without a true commitment to self-awareness that is automatic and built-in, the reactivity seduces collective energies into bureaucratic, fearful, and controlling actions.  In unconscious organizations, this energetic contraction is justified by another core value that has become unconscious and hasn’t fully been owned by the present generation… all of these contribute to an innocent slide into mediocrity, a preoccupation with survival, and an overlooking of the higher invitation for fiscal and social excellence.  This can even cause premature death of the organization.

Especially now, as the focus of attention shifts more and more to the effects of consciousness in performance, individuals, corporations, and especially spiritual organizations, are ever more being looked to for new being-based models of leadership. We help them do this through powerful, awareness-based processes that lead to transformation

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